2015 Car Sales Figures

SIMI – The Society of the Irish Motor Industry have released the new car registration figures up to October 2015 and it is at an impressive 123670. It is great news for the motoring industry in Ireland who have seen bad times in recent years. 2015 so far is the best year for sales of motors since way back in 08 and the year is not over yet with these figures being only up to the end of October. It is an increase of 30% from the 2014 figures.

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Mercedes-Benz GLE 250d

In pursuit of its objective to become the best selling luxury brand in the automotive market in Ireland Mercedes-Benz are due to launch some exciting new model in 2016. The new GLE 250d will come in 2 options , a coupe and a SUV. Mercedes hope that it will gain traction to compete against the other German manufacturers Audi and BMW who they are behind in sales in Ireland over recent years. .


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Kawasaki's J Three Wheeler EV Concept motorcycle is displayed during the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight on November 20, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. (Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)

2020 Motoring from Tokyo Motoring Show


We were given a glimpse of the self Driving cars of tomorrow at the Tokyo Motoring Show. A sports vehicle being fuelled by hydrogen that can drive and steer all on its own, even in traffic situations is an example of what we can expect to see in the future. The major motor manufacturers in Japan are keen to be the first to crack the alternative fuel conundrum that many have said is holding back the next generation of motors from being fully developed.

Massive resources are being poured into alternative fuel development and self driving technology.  Most automotive companies see these two areas as the most important step to get to futuristic cars.


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Latest Allegation against VW is denied


I am sure Volkswagen were hoping there were no more no more revelations on the emissions scandal in order to deal with the already exposed problems that have came to light in recent months. However the latest allegations that they implemented the emissions data on cars as late as last year have been denied by the company. It is unclear if they are talking about every vehicle from last year but what is clear is that VW are denying it.

The Agency for the Environment in the US spoke to the company and informed them that TDI V6 engines software “had not been adequately described in the application process”. Some of the models with these engines include the Porsche Cayenne, the Audi A7, A8, A6 Quattro, Touraeg and the Audi Q5. The company has responded to the agency saying that nothing untoward was implemented in these models that may have influenced any data.

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